It’s official ~ the students of the Northavon School of Drama, who perform as the Northavon Youth Theatre Company, are very special!; So much so that they were given permission to perform a show that is up there with the Broadway greats; a ‘coming of age’ story that gives teenagers a voice for the first time and tells the truth about struggles with image, self consciousness and being ‘cool’ when the opposite sex is around!  The story behind getting that first rusty old car to impress the ladies, trying to promote and live up to that all important image, or wait ~ should you really be taking your studies more seriously, or does that make you everything you don’t want to be!

Full of amazing hit numbers, delivered by an impressive seven-piece band, led by popular MD Arne Kovac, the show burst with great dance routines, thanks to Choreographers Kelly and Danielle, and the 60 strong cast, aged 11 to 18, who were just the right age to understand, identify with and energize this story and score, all under the guidance of Director Lyn Bedford, who celebrated 30 years of working with the Company with this show.

Set in 1950s America, the costume plot is great fun ~ remember those massive net underskirts and the turned up jeans for the boys?  Guitars were new on the scene and everyone wanted to be in a band, so hand jive and rock and roll dominate the musical score, but there are also some fantastic ballads to cater for all those teenage emotions. Amazing dance routines, prolific lighting and that all important American car, plus enough energy and teenage hormones to burst on to the stage and beyond ~ is it any surprise that it was an award winner!