The Broadway Musical

Do you remember those heady days of short skirts, black eyeliner, natty suits, brylcreemed hair, backcombing and an all pervading aroma of hairspray, plus the arrival of pop shows on TV, or would you like to know more? Well, the Students of the Northavon School of Drama, performing as the Northavon Youth Theatre Company, invite you to join them on a nostalgic trip back to the 1960s with their stunning production of the iconic musical: HAIRSPRAY! Thornbury’s Armstrong Hall is the place to be & dates are 12 to 15 April, 2017, at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings, with a 2.30 pm Easter Saturday Matinée.

It’s 1962 and the local TV station has launched a popular dance show, but to one young lady: Tracy Turnblad, daughter of a joke shop owner and stay at home agoraphobic Mum & laundress, it appears they are definitely biased against those of a different colour and size! Tracy believes in equality in all areas, but is desperate to dance on the Corny Collins Show, so along with her zany friend Penny she embarks on a crusade to overcome these prejudices and bring about integration and better understanding. Along the way she meets some good friends, such as a friendly black family headed by Motormouth Maybelle, singer on the show and record shop owner, with her children Seaweed and Little Inez, plus a 3–girl group called the Dynamites and all their friends; while constantly being thwarted by the Producer of the show: Velma Von Tussle and her acid-tongued daughter Amber, who happens to be the girlfriend of heartthrob Link Larkin ~ also the object of Tracy’s affections! Tracy’s enthusiasm lands a lot of people in jail, but are people from both sides of the argument beginning to understand her pleas and might acceptance be imminent . . .?

See how everything develops to the accompaniment of numbers that’ll have you dancing in the aisles, such as Good Morning Baltimore, Without Love, Big, Blonde and Beautiful, Run And Tell That, plus Welcome To The Sixties, with ballads like Wilbur and Edna’s touching duet: You’re Timeless To Me and the romantic I Can Hear The Bells, while who could forget the stunning final salute to the sixties, delivered by the whole cast: You Can’t Stop The Beat!

Join this award winning group with numerous theatrical trophies, plus almost 50 superb youth productions to their credit, for a brilliant Easter entertainment with stunning effects, magical sets & hundreds of colourful costumes ~ a visual feast!