Thoroughly Modern Millie

We’re celebrating twice over!

Coming after a coveted Rose Bowl Award for Best Youth Production, 2015, with our stunning version of Sunshine On Leith we also reached an astonishing milestone: 40 years of presenting superb youth productions we switched to a lavish production of the 1920s madcap musical: Thoroughly Modern Millie for our 40th ANNIVERSARY show at Thornbury’s Armstrong Hall, from 23 to 26 March, 2016.

It’s 1922 and young ladies are flattening their chests, raising their skirts and bobbing their hair, in pursuit of modernism, and another naive young lady (Millie) arrives in New York from Kansas, determined to follow the ‘modern’ grand plan: find a job as a Secretary and then marry the wealthy Boss. Unfortunately, the owner of Millie’s dingy hotel is involved in people trafficking, while the man Millie actually falls for appears to be penniless (or should that be dimeless?) and can the quaint, well-spoken new female arrival really be as innocent as she appears? Add in a curmudgeonly Stenographer, a glamorous, yet kind Stepmother, plus two Chinese illegal immigrants and you have the perfect mystery, tinged with romance, just waiting to be discovered!

Interwoven throughout the story, we hear such catchy tunes as Forget About The Boy and The Speed Test, with a nod to Gilbert and Sullivan, plus surprisingly beautiful ballads like I’m Falling In Love With Someone and the heartrending Jimmy, or the Billie Holliday style number: Only In New York. Social commentary on How The Other Half Lives is balanced by an astonishing Chinese rendition of the Al Jolson favourite: Mammy! The Jazz Era features in They Don’t Know and What Do I Need With Love?, but the Moderns win out with crazy numbers like The Nuttycracker Suite, which might just sound familiar, plus the unforgettable tap dancing extravaganza: Thoroughly Modern Millie! Our nine-piece Band accompanies frisky Flappers, dashing male Dancers, a vile Villainess, a bombastic Boss, a mêlée of Moderns, illegal Aliens, White Slavery, a slinky Speakeasy and a myriad of madcap Merriment, brought to you through Tap, Charleston, Black Bottom and Soft Shoe routines, while magical sets and hundreds of colourful costumes provide a visual feast!